Annotate for Sales & Customer Management.

Give your sales team the collaboration tools they need to focus on what they do best - sell! Annotate supports your team to become top sellers in your industry.

Customer workspace with all relevant customer documents
Customer workspace with all relevant customer documents

Sales Management

Manage your sales leads and pipeline more effectively by working more closely together and accessing the right information at the right time. With Annotate, your sales team can set up a workspace for every customer so they have access to all the latest documents, even when they’re on the road. In-document collaboration allows your team to keep each other up to date in real time. They can also link to other relevant documents, making it even easier to find the information they need. By using Annotate, sales teams can save time, boost productivity and improve closure rates.

Use Annotate to manage and track progress on sales proposals. Understand how your team are spending their time, how the customer relationship is developing and where you can best spend your time to add value.

"Our sales consultants can collaborate more effectively with all parts of the business to ensure they get the right answers back to the prospect. As a result, they are able to move through the sales process more quickly and close deals faster."

Account Planning

Create and share account, sales and business development plans with your entire team. Review documents, add annotations and feedback, create links to related documents, and initiate discussions within the document itself, with no limits on how many people can collaborate on the same document at the same time.

No need to wait until you return to the office to share notes with your team after an important customer meeting. Annotate lets you add notes, coordinate and allocate tasks in the appropriate part of the document itself immediately after, or even during the meeting, without sending emails.

 Customer contract shared internally and externally
Customer contract shared internally and externally

Account Management

Set up specific workspaces for collaborating and working on documents directly with clients. By making sure your clients always have access to the latest versions of important documents and plans, your team can improve customer service, take a more proactive approach and increase your revenue potential.

CRM tools may record certain kinds of facts, but aren’t designed to store your ideas and plans for a customer relationship, or to allow you to update and amend these plans as they develop over time. Annotate helps you go beyond basic CRM tools, allowing you to capture valuable information about your relationship, and giving your team the tools they need to put their ideas and plans into action.

Instead of sending customer contracts using insecure email attachments, invite customers to view the contract in Annotate. You can markup important sections, customers can add their comments, and together you can resolve issues and negotiate terms and conditions within a secure shared workspace, in real time.