Annotate for Marketing.

Your marketing team needs to work together to produce compelling content, get approval and meet deadlines. Annotate provides a single tool to share and collaborate on marketing documents.

Marketing knowledge base
Marketing knowledge base

Marketing Toolkit

Create a toolkit or knowledge base for everyone involved in creating, sharing, discussing, reviewing and verifying marketing content. Add links to other documents and external information right into your own documents, making it easy for team members to find related information. Once marketing material is authorized and ready to go live, share the latest version with everyone in the company so everyone has access to the single version of the truth.

“Having a collaboration tool that works from the creation of a document to the final sign off, and then provides a central storage location with version controls, helps our marketing department meet our tight campaign deadlines.”

Knowledge-Driven Sales

When conducting research and analysis to help you understand your target market or your competition, Annotate can help you to see the full picture and make connections. Link to competitive information and documents from relevant sections in your own research or marketing materials. Back up claims in one document by linking to independent rankings and analysis, or product specifications, in another.

One Team

Marketing is a team sport, but your team may not be based in the same office, or even in the same company. From brand managers, designers and content managers to external agencies such as PR agencies, digital marketing agencies and printers, Annotate enables you to allocate tasks, co-ordinate and collaborate in a simple and secure environment. Say goodbye to confusing email threads and stop juggling multiple versions of the same document.

Select a template with folders, documents and users
Select a template with folders, documents and users

Project Hubs

Whether you are working on a product launch, press relations or an event, manage the project and team in a dedicated workspace. Create a workspace where only the latest version of documents are published, keeping everyone on the same page. Instead of reinventing the wheel for every project, use Annotate to set up templates for frequently used folder structures and documents. Invite internal and external team members and assign tasks, discuss plans and much more.