Annotate features.

Annotate has the tools your team needs to boost collaboration and productivity, while also maintaining the securiy, and compliance of your documents.

Different styles of annotation

Annotate provides one platform that supports every stage of the document collaboration process, from first draft to final sign off. Whether working on a one to one basis or as part of a much larger team, using Annotate is easy.

Have a quick discussion or organize your documents into workspaces and folders, and invite team members from inside and outside your organization to contribute. Get everyone working together in the same document, and start discussions around specific sections, paragraphs, sentences, words and even diagrams.

Easily create in-document notes, allocate these notes to different users or groups, discuss any changes and resolve issues quickly. Annotate gives users the control and tools to complete and approve documents more accurately and quickly.

Watch our product demonstration to see how easy it is to annotate a document and share with colleagues.

Chat within a document to resolve comments

Wouldn’t it be great to have a quick live chat to confirm or resolve a change in a document, rather than picking up the phone or sending an email? Wouldn’t it be even better if you could do this in real-time, with the document right in front of you, complete with annotations? Annotate’s document viewer and live chat feature lets you do exactly that. Resolve or make changes to your documents quickly and informally, streamlining your team’s communications.

Using document chat and workspace chat, your team can initiate a discussion around a specific subject, project, organize an event, review documents and much more. By keeping all your discussions in one place, together with the relevant documents, it’s easy to keep track of your ideas and plans and understand how decisions were made.

Keep everyone up to date on document changes with Annotate’s email notification feature. Users can decide how frequently they are notified of changes. You can switch email notifications on or off for each workspace, or select particular folders to watch. Receive notifications every time a change is made, or choose to be notified only when someone replies to your own notes. Annotate lets you choose the level of communication that works for you and your team.

Metadata and document tags

Never lose important documents again. Annotate’s document management feature lets you save all your documents in one place, and access them wherever you go, on any device. Easily share documents, without the need for insecure email attachments or file sharing services, by adding them to a workspace. Whether you’re working on tenders or end of year reports, you’ll enjoy the simplicity and convenience.

Annotate provides enterprise document management capabilities such as: data storage, metadata management, syncing documents from local devices to the platform, document tags, version control, retention policies and document archiving. Store documents in the cloud or on your own servers in your own data center.

Other content management solutions can be integrated into the platform through an extensible API. You select whether Annotate or another document repository is used as the primary document store.

Document collaboration and notes

Give your employees the tools they need to be productive and stay engaged, with all the flexibility they need to get the job done. Our collaboration software has everything a team needs to create, share, discuss, review and verify documents of all shapes and sizes. Annotate's intuitive, easy to use design helps new users to start collaborating in no time.

Annotate enables users to draft their own documents directly within the platform, invite team members to collaborate during the authoring process, link to or copy sections from other documents into their documents, edit transcript files and export to formats such as MS Word and PDF.

We recognize that MS Office is still the most commonly used productivity tool on the market, integration into MS Office is also a requirement in order to open files in this format directly from within the Annotate, enable edit and a new version saved directly back into Annotate.

Different styles of annotation

No need to merge comments from different versions of the same document. Simply upload a document, share and let all reviewers comment on the same copy at the same time. Annotate’s in-document collaboration allows your team to add detailed notes and comments on all file types.

Annotate’s intuitive design makes it easy to add document annotations to text, images or figures, in the form of arrows, text boxes or freehand notes. Reviewers can also mark up documents by highlighting, adding strikethroughs and underlines, or making suggested edits and inserts.

Manage notes in a document by creating color coded tags to group by topic, filtering them and assigning them to specific team members to action.

We know you want to decide where your documents are stored. With Annotate, you can choose to store your documents in our cloud, your own private cloud, or on your own servers. Adhere to policy or legal requirements around security and data protection by choosing the continent or country where you store your data. Annotate gives you the ability to control access and sharing centrally, minimizing the risk of data loss.

Annotate integrates with your existing corporate security models such as LDAP and single sign-on. Implement multifactor authentication for mobile applications. Adhere to existing user security policies without sacrificing an improved user experience.

Instead of using insecure email attachments and file sharing services, users can invite collaborators from outside the organization to view and edit documents within Annotate by granting them restricted access. Knowing where your information and documents are stored, and who can access them, enables your organization to reduce risk, increase security and comply with data protection regulations.

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Do you know where your organization’s documents are stored, or how they have been shared? Without this knowledge, your organization may be at risk. Confidential documents with personal or sensitive data may be stored in insecure locations and devices. You may struggle to effectively implement retention policies, or to comply with Freedom of Information requests or other requests for user information made under regulations such as GDPR.

Annotate has all the tools you need to adopt good corporate governance practices and maintain compliance. Export chat and document notes relating to a particular user or topic, and automate document retention policies. Define and manage users be setting roles with granular privileges on individual workspaces to protect confidential or sensitive information.

Annotate complies with the relevant international risk management standards for both offices and data centers. This includes SSAE 16 Type I and Type II data center accreditation, ISO 27001 certified data centers and offices and dedicated firewalls complete with Denial of Services mitigation.

Our solution complies and adheres with relevant data protection legislation such as the US-EU Safe Harbor, US-Swiss Safe Habor and EU Directive 95/46/EC. Data encryption through TLS v1.2 (128-bit or 245-bit encryption).

Read our white paper to find out how Annotate customers are “Reducing risk while reaping the rewards of increased productivity”.

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Assign the right tasks to the right user to coordinate your collaboration and boost your team’s productivity and efficiency.

Unlike other workflow management software that relies on trained experts to write a set of workflows for users, anyone can easily assign tasks and create workflows in Annotate. Users can create workflows at the document level, but also within the document itself, for example assigning team members to review specific sections of a document.

Check your team’s progress by tracking all the steps in your workflow. Annotate lets you see whether facts, actions and tasks have been accepted, resolved or rejected, and creates a record of who was involved at every stage in the collaboration process.

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While Annotate is designed to serve as a single platform for document collaboration, the platform’s open principles enable it to plug seamlessly into your existing architecture and technology investments. For example, integration into MS Office allows users to open and edit files in these formats directly from within Annotate.

You can also use our API to integrate Annotate with your existing tools and document repositories. This allows you to manage change within your organization by phasing out tools over time, or continuing to use them as required.

The API will allow you to list documents, notes, as well as upload new documents. You can also integrate your existing user authentication system, allowing you to automatically log in users from your current system.

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