Annotate for Media, Marketing and Entertainment.

Collaboration fosters creativity. Teams in Media, Marketing and Entertainment use Annotate to develop and deliver ideas and bring compelling stories to life.

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Work Together to Tell a Story

Improve collaboration during the creative process. Whether fine tuning screen direction and dialogue, or working separately on individually assigned scenes, script writers can use Annotate to collaborate in the same document at the same time. Documentary filmmakers can use Annotate’s speech to text feature to turn hours of footage into searchable transcripts, speeding up the time it takes to create a rough cut and then a final edit.

Access Everything You Need, Wherever You Are

Annotate allows you to store and manage all your documents, media files and campaign assets in one place, eliminating the need to clog up your inbox with large files. Create a toolkit or resource library for your team so that everyone is accessing the latest, approved versions. Add links between documents to show how everything fits together. Annotate’s mobile and desktop apps will provide access on the go, giving users access to the files they need wherever they are.

Turn Your Ideas into Reality

All kinds of Marketing, Media and Entertainment companies can use Annotate to bring their ideas to life. Share storyboards and scripts during the pre-production process, allowing your partners to make notes about locations, talent and scheduling. Streamline the editing process by making notes directly onto video footage or recordings. Media sharing with partners and clients is simple and secure with Annotate. Creative and advertising agencies can gather feedback on images and copy, make changes as required and secure final sign off, all on one platform.

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Review and collaborate on storyboards