Annotate for Legal.

Use Annotate to store and manage your legal documents all in one place, while giving secure access to external third parties and speeding up document sharing and collaboration.

Central legal document repository
Central legal document repository
Share contracts securely
Share contracts securely

Central Legal Document Management

Create a central store for all your important legal documents using Annotate. Save all your documents in one place, ensuring everyone has access to the latest versions. Search across all documents and discussions to quickly find the information you need. Access and edit important documents wherever you are, on any device. Organize your documents into different workspaces for different projects, cases or levels of your organization to maintain confidentiality. You decide how long documents are retained, and when they are archived or deleted.

“We bet our business on Annotate. It’s the best decision we ever made. Using Annotate as the platform on which we based our Magnum product has enabled us to concentrate on our business where it matters, providing impeccable service and innovative solutions to attorneys.”

Graham Smith- Bernal | CEO, Opus 2

More Effective Legal Review

Your team can use Annotate to comment, assign tasks, discuss legal points, and add links to related information in the right place in all kinds of legal documents. Annotate is the ideal platform for contract negotiation. Share a contract using Annotate, and the other party can add their annotations for you to review. You can reply to notes and assign tasks within the document. Keep track of the negotiation with a full audit history of all activity, and keep control of users by choosing what they can view and who can comment on documents and workspaces.

Share Documents Securely

Forget sending contracts and amendments through hard to manage, insecure email attachments. Use Annotate to securely share contracts directly with colleagues and external parties, without fear of compromising your security. Granular access controls give you the power to decide who has permission to view or edit specific files, folders or workspaces.