Annotate for Financial Services.

Whether Financial Services teams are making deals, ensuring compliance or supporting customers, Annotate provides a secure way to create, discuss, store and share documents.

Share and manage deal documentation securely
Share and manage deal documentation securely

Share and Manage Deal Documentation Securely

Major financial transactions - such as mergers and acquisitions and IPOs - are document intensive. Annotate provides a secure platform where everyone involved in a deal can create, share, discuss, review and verify documentation. You decide who has permission to access relevant sections or documents, while keeping other information confidential. By storing your documents securely in one place, and replacing insecure email attachments, Annotate reduces the risk of sensitive information leaks and breaches without adding cumbersome restrictions.

Streamline Collaboration Across your Organization

When it comes to financial document collaboration, it’s important to get the right people involved at the right time. Your team might draft a document such as a customer update. Then that document might go through several levels of reviews and approvals, involving departments from marketing to compliance, before you can hit ‘send’. Use Annotate to get to final sign off, faster. Assign sections of documents to users from relevant departments to discuss, review and verify as part of an overall workflow. Annotate brings together users from across your organization to collaborate in the same document, eliminating the need to manage multiple versions and email chains.

Improve Customer Communication

Financial Services companies can also use Annotate as a secure repository for customer documentation. Create a portal where customers can access policy documents, contracts and other documents, all in one place. Add links between documents to help customers find related information. Use annotations and notes to show where special attention or action is required, speeding up the approval or sign up process.

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