Annotate for Education and Non-Profit

Use Annotate to bring collaboration into the learning process, improve students’ digital skills and drive efficiency across your Educational institution or Non-Profit organization.

Bring Teaching and Learning into the Digital Era

Today’s students live in a digital world, and Annotate can help them to develop the skills they need to thrive online. Annotate is the perfect platform for group projects, peer review exercises, blind review exercises and collaborative exam revision. By reviewing and annotating documents, students learn close reading, research and analysis skills. Teaching staff can collaborate on lesson plans or even use Annotate to mark-up assignments and exam papers, paving the way to a paperless classroom.

Make Course Materials Interactive

Annotate integrates with learning management systems such as Moodle, Canvas and Blackboard. Open up course materials directly into Annotate, without requiring a separate user account. Students can add notes and annotations directly onto readings as well as lecture recordings and other audiovisual files. Use speech to text to turn recordings into searchable transcripts. Use Annotate for tutorials and group discussions by inviting multiple students to access the same document, with instructors able to moderate and assess students’ contribution.

Improve Collaboration at all Levels of Your Organization

Annotate is not just for online learning. It’s the perfect platform for collaborative editing, teaching and publishing. Research teams can create, share, discuss, review, and verify reports, conference papers and presentations, ending the headaches caused by multiple versions and large files sent over email. Annotate streamlines document creation, sharing and storage for departments of all shapes and sizes, from academic publishing to fundraising, development and volunteer management.

Annotate offers a special discount for non-profit and charity organizations. Contact us for more information.

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