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Helping your team take documents from first draft to final sign off. Smarter document collaboration that’s designed for the Digital Workplace.

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CREATE a document and start collaborating in seconds

Draft documents directly in Annotate and collaborate throughout the authoring process. Paste text from an existing document and Annotate will create a link to the original source, making fact checking a breeze.

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SHARE your documents securely

No need to share documents using insecure email attachments or file sharing services. Invite everyone involved in your discussion or project to collaborate in Annotate. Bring together the right team without worrying about keeping track of different versions. You decide who has permission to view and edit, so confidential information stays protected.

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DISCUSS and collaborate, in context

Instead of disjointed discussions in chat apps and email threads, get your team talking within the document itself. Whether you’ve got something to say about specific sections, paragraphs, sentences or even words, use Annotate to chat in real time, mark up documents and add notes, and assign changes to the right team members.

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REVIEW documents anytime, anywhere on any device

As employees spend more time away from their desk, or even away from the office, Annotate lets your team bring the right tools and documents with them on their mobile or laptop. Securely view and edit all types of documents, without having to download any files.

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VERIFY that everything’s in order, and you’re ready to go

Use Annotate to check that your facts are accurate, your plans are in order, and that you have approval you need to take the next step. Workflows let you assign tasks to specific team members and track their progress, so everyone knows what they need to do to take your document from first draft to final sign off.

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Our Platform

With access to a full suite of collaboration tools in one platform, your organization can reduce information silos and improve compliance and security.

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We work with all kinds of companies to help them collaborate, including: Financial Services, Professional Services, Marketing and Entertainment, Technology, Government and the Public Sector, Education and Non-Profit.

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